Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life. . .

Right now the speed of life is both in fast forward...and slow motion. How ironic that things can be like that at the exact same time.
It's hard to believe Sweet P is 3 months old now.  . .somehow it felt longer getting to 3 months with W. Of course Sweet P was born right before several major holidays, and we all know those just fly by.

I want to blog more. . .I have tons of ideas and things to share. . but finding the chance to take photos is hard!

Sweet little girl is a fussy one. Thankful that she's not a screamer (like W was), but she's definitely crying more than smiling right now. We're trying some diet changes, hoping it improves her mood, praying that it's fixable. Most days I spend sitting right here at the keyboard, bouncing her away in the bouncer with the vacuum going to help soothe her. I know someday it will all just be a memory, a story i tell her, and I'm determined to find the things to be thankful for in it.

Not that it makes the hard any less HARD. . .but i think thankfulness despite difficulty is how God gets us through. It's how he fulfills those promises-the ones about joy even in sorrow, even in the face of the impossible.

I'm so grateful i started reading Ann Voskamp's book last's helped tremendously during the day to day with a 2 year old, and a fussy baby. Looking for the thing to give praise for makes the "trials" so might lighter. Read it. Especially if you're going through a struggle right now.

So for now I will just share some photos I've been able to (quickly) snap recently.

 (these really were taken yesterday! It was over 60 degrees here in Jersey!)


  1. Even with my 'easy' infants, I find those first few months so difficult due to lack of sleep. How is she sleeping at night? I am so interested between the connection some moms find with eating certain foods and their babies' fussiness. What are you thinking or trying right now? Both my girls were swaddled just like her and white noise did help us. There is this youtube video of a vacuum sound that I would play sometimes.

    Awesome that you got a break from the cold and got outside! I have to read that book sometime~ everyone loves it. Silly me~ I would love to know what shade of polish is being worn on the cover ;)

  2. LR-Penny has been (since coming home from the hospital) sleeping well at night. Nursing often, but i find that doesn't really bother me to wake/nurse and then she goes right back to sleep! I am VERY thankful for that-my whole person changes if i don't sleep well.
    Right now i am trying to eliminate both milk/dairy and soy from my diet. Right before Christmas i noticed she would get a rash on her face after eating, and once when I had a hot chocolate and a bagel with cream cheese one side of her face was swollen. After that I cut out most dairy, except some that were cooked in things. But now I am cutting out even trace amounts,hoping it will help her fussiness! It so hard to pinpoint-we had the same struggles with W!
    And I have thought the SAME thing about the hand on the cover of the book, I want that polish!

  3. Have you noticed any changes? or more correlations this week? That seems like such a difficult guessing game.