Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What the heck am i doing?

This is the maiden post for my new and improved life and craftiness blog. 
One of my resolutions (i really do hate that term-does anyone ever keep them?), ok self promises, is to blog. I follow an obscene amount of blogs, and spend way too much time looking at the craftiness of others. It's time I take the reins and share what I do with the world. Am i qualified? Not on your life, sonny. But does that stop anyone else out there from thinking they are oh-so-important and deserve to have their ravings read by others? Well then...here I go. I will post what I like, what I do, what my insane (but cute) child does. That's why it's You Did What-because it's a phrase I find in my life quite often. Thanks for reading. I promise to not be ridiculous.

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