Friday, January 14, 2011

The Trade Off

It's like W knew what I named my blog, and what it was going to be about. Insanity. He really does SPECIALIZE in it. So much so I bet he could design a specific college major in it, teach it, and then all his students would be so good at it that they would get high paying jobs right after graduation.

The other day when I decided to do a quick crafty-ish/organization project I put on my mom brain and left the hall closet open. OOOPS. The insanity that took place while I organized the junk drawer, was exacted by W's hand, but really my fault. I know better. If you don't want him touching it-hide it. GOOD.

So while I was taking care of  this.....

 W was doing this....

Yeah. What I didn't get a picture of is when he took the ribbon and ran down into the living room, wrapped it around his toy chest, the came back upstairs and took it into MY bedroom. Brilliant kid, huh?
 Everyone knows if you want to make a mess right under mom's nose wait till she's being crafty to do it.

Here's what I did. Mine was slightly more productive than W's.
I took this abominable mess.

and turned it into this, nice organized JUNK drawer.
Still junk. But nice, ORGANIZED junk. I can live with that. and I didn't spend a dime on my organization project. Wanna know how?

Take a close look at those storage "bins". Yup. They're cardboard boxes. Not just any cardboard boxes. Nice sturdy, USPS approved boxes.

:sigh: I love me an organized drawer. even if it means I have to clean up ribbon and playing cards.

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  1. It was fun enlarging your pictures to see what you had in your drawers. Seeing what you had made me realize that my stationary/ junk box would make much more sense in a drawer so I don't have to dig threw it. NoW here's to getting the papers out of said drawer and filing them away! Thanks~LR