Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am Not My Hair....or Maybe I Am

:Sigh: HAIR. For a man it's just something on the top of your head. Something that itches occasionally, makes you sweat, and needs to be cut every couple weeks.

But for a's pretty much her identity. Women spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on making their hair the focal point of their beauty.....they obsess, scrutinize and cry over their locks.
I am a woman...ergo I love hair. Ask my friends and family, and they'll probably tell you that I'm constantly looking to change my hair. I never stay with the same hairstyle for very long, and I'm always dying it different shades of brunette!
But last fall I took a plunge I had wanted to since I was in high school, and now..well I feel like I've found the "me" hairstyle. The Pixie.
Oh the pixie, how I love thee. For YEARS now I would look longingly at girls with tightly cropped hair, and wish that I could look as cute and chic as they. I would always say "I just don't have the face for it" or "She's so delicate and graceful, and I'm so NOT". Pretty much I made excuses to NOT do it because I was afraid.
But then miss Emma Watson aka HERMIONE chopped off all her signature locks and I fell in LOVE. As soon as I saw her on the cover of Vanity Fair I was TIME.
Some people balked...."but I LOVE your long hair, it's so nice" "it's taken you so long to get your hair this long!". But I just DID it.
And I'm addicted. I have never had a haircut before that I felt was ME more than this.
And it got me many of us women are afraid to do something different or shocking with our hair? We're afraid of looking bad, or not being attractive...or a million other reasons. So we stay in a hair rut. We fall prey to the Hollywood version of beauty...aka Long and BLONDE is the only way to be gorgeous. YUCK!!!
Not to say that Blonde hair, or long hair isen't pretty. But EVERYONE has it. Brunettes and Redheads alike are destroying the natural beauty of their hair to look like a beach babe celebrity. Or at the very least they're playing it SUPER safe, and are paranoid to let scisors touch their hair for fear of looking un-sexy with shorter hair.
And it makes me so sad! And angry! God doesn't want us to all be the same...or he would have MADE us that way. Nor do I think, does He want us to follow what the WORLD says is attractive and beautiful.
There is a horrible stigma that floats around that women with short hair aren't attractive. SOME people even think that having a pixie cut is well...denoting of a certain lifestyle choice. OH LADIES!
What's my point here? Don't be afraid! Find the hair, that is YOU. You're NOT a Kardashian sister, or Jennifer Anniston, or Posh Spice. You're YOU. Don't be afraid to express yourself with your hairsyle-because you'll be most attractive when you love the way you look!!

And now for some unashamed short hair obsessing:

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  1. It is amazing what a hair style means for a person! My hubby is required to keep it short for work so I end up cutting it every week. I've tried my hair short to my chin, and with my hair type it did not work. These days if I cut my hair in a pixie it would be as if an act of war in our (or the equivalent of my husband gaining 50 pounds in my eyes.)

    It looks really cute on you. how long can you go between trims? and is it easy or hard to style in the morning?