Friday, July 22, 2011

All The Un-Cool Moms Are Doing It.....

It's official. I've joined "the club". You know...the one where all the lame-o mamas hang out.

I'm a mini van mom now.

oh YES. That's right. I have 1.5 kids and already I've traded in my sexy sports car (YEAH RIGHT) for the super lame, totally un-hot ride that is the mini van. Well, at least that's what everyone else may think.
But to me SPACE is sexy. Having LEG ROOM is so hot right now, don't you think? How about knowing that if you get in an accident, mama ain't gonna bite the dust because her face and the dashboard are way too close? Oh now THAT is super hot.

I have secretly wanted a mini van since the first time I had to put W in the car, then wrangle the stroller into the trunk AND somehow fit groceries in our Altima. I stared like dufus at those moms who just pull the door open, shove all the CRAP in, and breezily get into their HIGH front seat without breaking a sweat.
I didn't think it would happen so soon. But my Altima decided it hadn't yet caused us enough grief. And so we said GOODSTINKINRIDDANCE to it, and swaped it for a super sweet, parent friendly ride.

Ain't she fabulous. It's a she. ALL cars are girls, didn't you know? I think I'll name her Stella...or something chic and cute like that. Because I love her, and I want her to feel special. Who cares if the world thinks the's un-sexy and my eyes she's Heidi flipping Klum.

Check out W trying to drive the new "caaw". He even got his hands on the spare "KEIIII"..thankfully it doesn't actually START the car.

                               Trying to lock mama out so she doesn't interfere with driving plans.

                                                      I know this is where the key goes!

                                                               's in!

                                                                 But "caaw" still won't "go!"

He asks to drive every time we get in. He also particularly enjoys that we are keeping the third row seats out for now, as it gives him a place to jump around like a nut. I like that I have somewhere to confine him while I clean out the car!

DISCLAIMER: I so do not leave my kid alone in the car. That's just retarded.
(In above pics I had the side doors both wide open and the actual keys in had to keep him from locking himself in the car!)

Now stand back and marvel at my momness.

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