Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet P

Just a few days ago my lovely OTHER sister volunteered to do maternity photos of my ever-getting-huger bump! She did a FANTASTIC job, and I'm so in love with the results! 
I can't wait to get some of these printed up and around the house!

We took them in a beautiful orchard right near my parents house....

W LOVED the location. All the "pumples" (Apples) he could eat!

Hubby can barely hug me belly be HUGE!
The first shoes I bought for my little girl! I never thought I'd get so excited about shoes!
Sweet P was only about 6 months along in the Ultrasound pic...we couldn't get a snap of her now...she's so BIG you can't even tell what's what anymore!
My super brilliant U/S tech informed me that Sweet P has LONG legs a rather LARGE noggin, and weighs almost 6 lbs now! Way ahead of big brother!

Yes, this is my belly! I have no belly button, lots of stretch marks, and imperfect skin. 
But it's all for my babies, so it's worth every imperfection I get!
My sister is brilliant!

And to top it off here's a comparison of my pregnancy photos with W. I was only 2 or 3 weeks away in the shot on the right, I still have 5 weeks in the one on the left!