Monday, September 12, 2011

The wedding

I have been obsessed and preoccupied with something wonderful the past month or so....My sister's wedding!
We spent pretty much the entire month of August getting ready for the big day...stressful,yes, but totally worth it!
I've never seen a more beautiful bride in my life!
The bride & Dad!

There were dresses to alter (thanks to my supa talented mom!), cake pops to make (baby sis is a PRO at it), programs, favors, cards, parties and busy but so fun!

  I feel so honored that I was not only able to lend a hand, 
          but both myself and W were in the wedding!

Outdoor ceremony? Must have a pond with goldfish if they want to keep the Nemo obsessed ring bearer happy.

There were no rings, and the pillow was not carried. But he DID manage to get down the isle and make everyone laugh at his supreme cuteness.

All the siblings
obligatory photo of myself. I almost look not pregnant.
My Mother-In-Law makes the best, most gorgeous cakes EVER.

Brother-In-Law played music for the ceremony

There was (thankfully) NO cake smashing! Who even does that anymore?
No day would be complete without a W meltdown. Hubby was VERY helpful since I was MIA all day!
W stayed in his suit ALL day...he never wanted to change!
 (disclaimer:I suck at taking photos...all the photos you see about were either taken by Hubby or my Mother-In-Law)

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  1. hah love these pics! "w" was SO DARN CUTE running down the isle!