Thursday, January 5, 2012


I don't usually like the word many of the time we humans use the word to mean something promised/steadfast....something that is GOING to happen. And so often it comes right out of out mouths, and we blink, and break this resolution. But this year I have resolutions..ideas and hopes and goals I want to keep. I know in reality I won't keep them all perfectly. ..but I PRAY that just thinking on them will improve things I want to improve. Being AWARE will keep me workin' at them.

1. Do LESS....When I had Wes I was under the notion you could just tote babies/kids along wherever you want, and they could do everything you do. That's not always the case. And even at home I find I'm trying to DO SO MUCH, and my little ones don't get as much of my undivided attention. My creating can wait till they're in bed, the laundry will get done eventually, and the people that matter won't care if my house is disheveled. I just want to BE PRESENT with my babies this year.

2. Make more things...making foods i buy from scratch, making wipes for my baby bottoms, and all the other things I buy without thinking that I could just as well make myself.

3. Make my home HOMEY, FUN and asthetically pleasing. Maybe that sounds like it goes against #1 but I promise it doesn't! I want my walls to be full of photos, art and fun colors for my family, and others to enjoy. For so long I have operated under a bland, impersonal way of decorating my home..but life is short. I'm going to make this house more MINE this year. With lots of color and photos.

(This is my beginnings of the resolution that I started last year-painted or dining room a fun yellow, and strung up photos..I LOVE going in here now!)
4. This one is way more down and dirty than the others...but POTTY TRAIN W is like the TOP of my list of to do for 2012. He'll be 3 in 5 months...FIVE months. I can't believe I'll have a 3 year old in such a short time....and I can't believe I'm still doing the diaper thing with him. He GETS the entire idea and could totally train TODAY if he wanted...but he doesn't WANT. It's a battle of wills right now. But we have choo-choo underpants, M&Ms and a boatload of candy canes (AKA W crack). 2012 he WILL get out of diaps.

5. Blog more, Status update less. It's so easy to throw up a status update without thinking...Blogging requires thought..and grammar. I also think it's a cool way to chronicle life, and share it with those that I never get to physically see. So This year I want to post more. Even if it's not cool DIYs, Thrifty finds or deep musings. Maybe it will just be photos of my kids and my family and what we do. But I'm gonna do it!


  1. Beautiful post, Laura. I share many of your same hopes for 2012.

  2. I have to tell you that your dining room inspired my living room :) My favorite color is yellow! I also have a purple laundry room now :p I hope everyone is doing well. We miss you guys!