Saturday, March 3, 2012

I wish I had more to report in the way of progress with my two mini people.
Sweet P is still not a happy camper. We've had her on SUPER hypoallergenic formula for a week now. We thought we saw some improvement at the beginning, but as I seem to be so good at, I sabotaged it. I had a weak mama moment and I tried "just one more time" to see if I could feed her. I have a hard time letting go apparently. Just once is all it takes to derail a train going in a good direction. Most of the time I can't even hold her she squirms so much. I put her down and she screams. I know many people tell you to slow down and enjoy these days when they are little, but I find myself doing exactly what I did with W. Hoping and wishing the next milestone will bring relief. I'm not going to ever wish on my children that they return to this state, or for me to return to the helplessness of a screaming baby.
W has been on a gluten free diet for a few weeks now, and so far we're still not seeing a lot of improvement. I am hoping that it will just take a little time for his body to re-adjust. Thankfully we have found some GREAT recipes for Gluten Free fare, and our eating hasn't suffered one bit! As I type I'm indulging in brownies that are ten times better than the gluten filled boxed stuff.
I hope to share some of the recipes I'm loving, very soon. I'm a recipe tweaker if there ever was one...what can I say? I'm a rebel. I'd like to share them soon, but finding that second to take a photo while I'm rushing to make whatever it is and then feed it to know, it just isn't happening right now!
Honestly I'm lucky if i get through the day with a shower and having eaten three meals (that don't consist of shoving a handful of dry cereal, or brownies in my mouth!). Not that I want to have myself a little pity party here. But yeah...I'm really REALLY looking forward to having two satisfied children. Whenever that happens.
So if you happen to see me walking around looking like this:
 you know why!


  1. Laura, I am sorry that you are having to let go of nursing and that you are having a difficult time of the letting go process. I am sure that is difficult on you. I hope that this new formula does the trick!

    I have a dream that one day I will go to bed with a squeaky clean me, a clean kitchen, and a clean living room. My kids must be a breeze next to yours- yet I cannot make that dream happen.

    1. I must admit LR, I have looked at your content seeming girls, and been devastatingly jealous! Plus your ability to nurse till their one...w gave up wanting to nurse early too!

  2. Would be nice if we were still there so Mary could give you a hand :/ Miss you guys.