Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If any of you were to hop on my trusty laptop here and click on the Bookmark tab, the next sound you would hear would be your jaw hitting the floor. You see, I like blogs. I like reading blogs, I like looking at pictures on blogs....the whole package. I LOVE finding new blogs to love, they're like music for me. I am eternally looking for new music and new blogs to love. Especially CRAFT blogs. Other people's creativity is ma' brain food.
So when I stumbled on Paper, Plate And Plane today, I knew I had to share.

I am amazed at the creativity here. Taking everyday items, craft items and putting them together the make something gorgeous/useful/aesthetically pleasing is just downright brilliant. Some projects I MUST try:

I swear this this sheep made from gloves and a car mitt (I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT?!) looks like Shaun the sheep. I am so making one. . .or seven. (wouldn't different colors be cute? a PINK SHEEP?!)

I am not a jewelry person. At least I never have been. But I these are just too pretty NOT to try. Cookie Cutters, Clay and NAIL POLISH. Can you believe?!

LOVE this idea. You could customize it for really ANY building, or anyTHING for that matter.

Check it out and then tell me one of your favorite blog and why!

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