Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My life is over. . .

I remember the story very well. My mother in law has been telling it for years, especially after my son was born. IT goes like this. My brother in law (the oldest) was a wee one almost the exact age my W is now. One day my mother in law puts him down for nap time and bids him happy sleeping. Running off to relax (wait she's a MOM-she was probably running around trying to pick up the disaster or get dressed or do laundry) she stopped in her tracks when she heard a noise. THAT doesn't sound good. A door opens, and before her very eyes is her 18 month old. "Sleep is overrated!" "All done bed" he shouts . Her heart drops out and she realizes she will never have a moment of peace again. (Note-I may have embellished things just a tad!)
WHY am I telling you this story? Because it happened to me. As in JUST. W's been displaying his talent for escaping pack and plays recently, but we honestly didn't think he could get out of his real crib. It seemed to high still to climb, and besides, wouldn't he be afraid of falling?
OH stupid momma. When will you learn?
The W has no fear...bwahahaha!
Yesterday, after a long but enjoyable day, it was TIME to put him down for a nap. Just a quick one to take the edge off. Apparently he didn't want it. Lots of screaming ensued as my hubby extricated himself from said child's room. Less than a minute later the crying is getting closer and louder to me. "He got out." Came the flat declaration. A slow mo, deep gutterall "NOOOOOOOOO!" bellowed inside me. This is NOT happening. It can't! TOO EARLY! I didn't expect this till he was at least two!!
 We tried putting him back in. But hubby wasn't even at the door before W was on the other side hanging on for dear life.
Obviously it's time for toddler bed. It's also time for door knob covers, since W just doesn't want to be in his room at all anymore, and figured out how to open the door in about 5 minutes. Yeah. I didn't sleep last night.

Since we couldn't get our crib (Which is so fabulously recalled due to it being like the other 5 billion cribs out there-DROP side) to convert to the toddler bed it was supposed to we just slapped that mattress right on the floor. Don't think W likes that too much.
So what does a poor mommy like me do? I don't want no plastic be-stickered POC (yeah that's Piece of Crap for anyone not in the know) for my kiddo. I want something trendy, and sophisticated. Too bad my budget is like...nothing. I refuse to even pay $70 for something that he'll use for maybe 2 years (that's IF he doesn't take after his freakishly tall paternal side) and then we gotta buy another BIGGER bed.
All that being said-i so want to make this:

It LOOKS easy. Probably is for everyone else. For us it will be brain surgery. But maybe it will be worth it. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a cage around it. Ergo it's NOT going to help with the whole NOT staying in bed every again thing.

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  1. Dear L, I mourn with you in the loss of your crib. This was such a sudden and shocking blow! I am dearly hoping myself to be in the crib years for years to come if permitted. I might just be blessed so as my M is not a super baby like your W. Now at 2 months it looks like E might give me a run for my money.

    I cheer you for your lack of "plastic be-stickered"!

    This toddler bed looks really cute. It is built like the new hotel beds I've seen. So that items and dust don't collect underneath. ~LR