Monday, January 24, 2011

keeping up. . .

When i decided to re-start blogging, I promised myself I would post REGULARLY. Like more than once a week. I don't want to break that promise, even though I've been stretching it already. I  did want to focus this blog towards crafty/thirfty things and I still want to do that. I have SO much I want to share with everyone. Things I've done already, things I'm working on, and stuff I dream of doing! I have this dream of one day making regular tutorials on cool crafty things that all the kids will want to make!
Right now things are just a TAD overwhelming. W thinks he IS the center of the flippin' UNIVERSE. He also thinks that since he is my only child (for NOW little boy) he should make up for the lack of other children by being as insane as several children all at ONCE. I wish i was being dramatic. OK...maybe i am a little. but AS i'm TRYING to type this he has sat on my computer and deleted the whole post once, then sat his incredibly pointy little bottom RIGHT ON MY KIDNEY, then stuck it IN MY FACE, then laid on my lap and shoved his foot repeatedly into the screen while shining a little flashlight RIGHT in my EYE. Yeah. That's the MILDEST of what he can do.
He's also not sleeping. Yeah apparently he's making up nothing..he's always been a horrible sleeper. He varies between mind numbing brain imploding screaming during the night and sense dulling moaning. The moaning is when he's "happy". Right now we're putting him a in a sleep sack to keep him from climbing out of bed. I can't take any more of the little hands under the door and screaming for 3 hours!
So woe is me, i KNOW. If anyone is reading this you're thinking "Seriously, just stop WHINING girl." Sorry. But this IS my blog, and unfortunately this is the reality of my life. It's not like so unbelievably horrible. But this is why I can't muster up the motivation or energy to even take pictures of the things i've done (most of which are actually still IN PROGRESS since i can't stick with one thing for too long).

But wait it's coming. . .  . . . . 

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  1. Great idea about the sleepsack. I love those and wearable blankets. Have you ever tried white noise with him? The sound a vacuum cleaner works the best for us. I am so thankful they have it recorded on youtube. When I see swaddlepods, I think of your little escape artist.

    I'd rather hear from you once a month than for you to get discouraged and give up all together. ~LR