Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's my blog and i'll cry if i want to....

or WHINE. Yeah I've been totally busy recently, and not updating like i want. waaaah! Ok I got that outta my system.
I have SO had good reason though. You seen my super sweet sister (in-law) just turned the BIG ONE-SIX. Yup. She's like a BIG girl now. Not that there's really anything you can DO that you couldn't when you were 15, but still, we Americans have deemed this the age that girlies can go all nuts and be demanding (except for getting hitched of course) and we have to listen!
Thankfully Gigi is totally NOT one of these girls. UGH. Her parents should totally get swirlies from one of those high powered automatic toilets for letting thier "super sweet" daughter dress/look like THIS.

MOVING we all came together (the small amount of ladies in the fam) and planned her a special day. There was shopping and food and decorations, and like, totally lots of fun!
Here are some pics of what I contributed to the shindig.
 CUPCAAAAAKES. These were last minute, down to the wire since my first idea that was supposed to be so cool that all Gigi's friends would be like DANG-YOUR-SISTER-IS-THE-COOLEST-EVA totally bombed. They were post hence named the "lumpiest balls ever". I hid them in my trunk during the party i was so embarrassed. Thankfully Cake Mix+ Frosting+SPRINKLES= YUMMINESS.
 see the pizza in the middle of all this teenage angst? yeah I MADE THAT. Ok, maybe I had help from my hubby. But seriously, it was AWESOME. if i can toot my own horn here.
And of course, I provided the early part-ay entertainment/cutness. Balloon meet baby. Baby meet teenage girls. Adorableness unmeasured. 

*Her real name is SO not gigi. This is not Gilmore Girls after all. I'm using an alias. DUH.


  1. it was a great party ---- a great big THANK YOU for putting it together so that i could come home from my part of her celebrations and not have to worry about a thing! A big hug for you and Andrea!

  2. How sweet of you to throw her party! Great last minute save. I feel ashamed to say that I often think boxed cupcakes taste much better than homemade. yummy.