Friday, February 4, 2011

A challenge. . .

I was just perusing my new favorite blog, young house love (BAH-RILLIANT!) when I happened upon this post from TWO years ago. And it was...a slap in the face.
After reading it, I sat, thinking of all the THINGS I have. And the constant clutter, disheveldness, overstuffed stressed-to-the-max feeling of my house. Maybe no one else notices it. . .but I definitely do. Even once I get things all clean and spiffy, I feel as though it takes mere seconds to undo HOURS worth of work. I KNOW that's part of life (especially with a W around), but I also have been feeling lately that I just have too much STUFF. I am a makeup lover, a clothing lover, in general a STUFF lover. I find myself wanting to buy more storage bins instead of EMPTYING the ones I've got.

So I've decided to go crazy. I'm going to do some SERIOUS purging around here. Slimming our home down to what we NEED and what we USE.
And i'm starting with MYSELF. I LOVE makeup and beauty products. Like more-than-a-fat-kid-loves-cake. But I KNOW I only use a PERCENTAGE of what I have. SO I'm going to make it my mission this weekend to GET RID OF MOST of my makeup. IT might SEEM like a waste. But I know in the long run learning to live with what I HAVE will be better for me and my family. My daily routine will be LOTS shorter if I only have a handful of options! Her mention of nail polish got me too. I'm obsessed with nail polish. But my nails PAY for it. Especially since I tend to buy the el-cheapo stuff from the drugstore. SO I think I'm going to have to purge in that area as well. And using more natural types of nail varnish has been something I've thought doing but never felt the push that I do now!

I also think I'll try to make myself a sign like serve as a reminder!


  1. My personal "less stuff, less mess" bug has come about through our military lifestyle. As there is always an impending move, I have grown to get nervous about too many belongings. Her post on the matter was great.

    I personally put great value on my favorites and love to stick to them. I rather have one that I love and will use all the time than 10 that I like less. I don't need variety but love consistency. Because of this it is much easier for me to simplify ~ clothes, accessories, cosmetics, you name it. I "invest" in nice items and use them till they are no more or give them to someone else. About every other year I buy a new outlet leather purse and wear it everyday. (I do have 4 others that are for special occasions). I am in the process of going mostly eco with my makeup. (she did not mention one lip product? ) I spend the money on what I love and resist the urge to get this or that.

    Her bare shower was awesome! I tried to do the same for us, but the hubs just would not go for it. He wanted to smell like a guy and requested over and over that I start smelling like a girl again (and not teatree oil. lol)

    I realized that I was allergic to most artificial perfumes and am grossed out by what they are made of once I researched it. I now wear lavanila and pacifica.

    100% jojoba oil works great as an eye makeup remover.

    I have enjoyed many posts about decluttering on
    some posts are frufru, but many have great tips on getting rid of things. One if my favorite was get rid of things you would not replace if they broke.

    I often hear of mothers saying that they purge their homes of toys often and get rid of a lot of things to give to the goodwill. What I do not understand is why do they buy things (or have others buy for them) that which they will get rid of). I don't get things for my kids that I will not want to hold on to till the last of our kids. Why I buy toys for them I expect to get lots of use out of it or it be so beat up that we throw it out instead of donating it. We have a few dolls around and will surely get more girly items, yet with baby toys I prefer to keep them neutral so that all our kids will get use out of them.

    It is much easier for me to wear the same thing day after day for jewelry than most woman I have noticed. Especially in this department I rather get one new piece every year or so that I would want to hand down to my kids than get this or that made in china stuff that is in one day or out the next. I even find with jewelry I rather improve something I have than get something new. (I plan to convert some nice earrings from post to leverback. my fav style.)

    Did I just write more than your original post??? Well, please do share what progress you have made and what some of your favorite items are. I'd love to hear what is on your keep list.

  2. Thank you so much LR! I love reading your comments-especially this one!