Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back and Better than ever!

Did you like even know I was gone? Well I was.

For a whole week. 
I had no cell phone reception, and no internet.
I thought it would be fabulous and all "getting back to nature" and such. I thought it would be refreshing...nope it wasn't. I was bored silly.
We went on vacation with Hubby's family to Maine. To like the middle of NOWHERE Maine. It took us 12 hours to get there. Yeah-TWELVE hours in the car with not on my list of things to ever do again.
Turns out there's also not anything for a 6 month prego woman and with a two year old strapped to her leg, to do in Maine. Hiking...nope. Quaint little town with lots of shops that have breakable items..nope. Kayaking...nope.
I brought three books. I finished them all within two days of arrival.
There was water...but W actually didn't want to go IN the "wa". He just wanted to throw rocks in or ride in the "butt" (AKA the boat/kayak-thank you Finding Nemo for that hilarious tidbit). So there was much just chasing of toddler up the hill to the house, down the hill to the water...sit for 10 minutes while toddler throws rocks in the back up the hill as toddler goes in the house....keep toddler from destroying all the electronics and personal belongings of Uncles, Aunt and Grandparents. lather, rinse repeat!
While it wasn't the super duperest vacation for me ever, W and Hubby enjoyed it, which makes me happy. Following are photos from our week. Notice how I'm wearing a cardigan and sweats in some..yeah the weather was fab up there. I'd like to put it in my pocket and bring it back down here.

                             This happened the first morning we were there. I made coffee, spilled a bunch, and there in the middle of the mess was THE MOUSE. a PERFECT one too. Oh Mick...I miss you too.

                                       Pretty view from the house. I was SO wearing shorts...i promise.

                                                   W and Opa in the "butt". He LUVED it.

                    Mah belly be huge. And where ever my belly is there W's elbow shall be also.
                            If I had put the seltzer "wa" in his sippy there's no way he would drink it.
                                                                    But it's oh so cool in a can.

                                                   Aunt Gigi is like the most gorgeous eva. I swear.

                                        Yes my child was shoeless as we walked around the town. I=bad mama.

                                       Hubby went hiking, W ran around like a nut and didn't take a nap.
                                                     So they fell asleep on a bench waiting for dinner.

   Trying to get a toddler that's already not a napper to take one on vacation in a strange house is...impossible. Turns out when he's tired enough, W will put himself down for a nap...wherever he is when the moment strikes. We found him on the chair, and took care to move him to the couch....a little while later we found on the floor under the couch. Apparently my child doesn't want to be comfortable.

          Token Happy Family shot. Don't I look thrilled? I was starving outta my mind in this picture.
                                                            I seriously wanted to BITE someone.

 I'm so glad to be home, and able to blog again.


  1. great pics! LOVE the one of the spilled coffee! :-)

  2. Wes it too adorable! The picture of him drinking the seltzer is hilarious.It is funny how you don't even look pregnant in the family shot.