Sunday, August 7, 2011

I wear stuff pretty stuff...on my head.

I've never been much for head wear...mainly because I'm SUPER self-conscious. I feel like everyone is LOOKING at me and thinking "does she think she can pull that off? seriously?". So I buy pretty headbands and head wear, put them on in my home, and then get cold feet and put them back in the dresser before going out.
Stupid I KNOW.
But now that I LUV my hair, my feelings towards head wear have changed a little. NO longer do I look at photos of pretty mamas with their super cool boho headbands and WISH I could wear I want to know where to get them because I want one too! Not that I think I look supercalifabulous in them or anything....But I just feel PREEETTTYYY when I wear one now...and not so stupid.

So when The Headband Challenge popped up on I decided I must participate. Wait...have you been to NO? for shame...she's awesome to the enth power. Seriously...she makes gorgeous thingies and she named her kiddo (who is the SAME age as mine) W too. That's all kinds of cool. Go check her out right now.

So here are the photos of my week of banding my head:

 Going out with my super sister headband
 Running errands in my new Heidi Klum Loved Top & DIY lace headband
 The "Yes I'm a total BUM" Headband
Sunday vintagey headband (I made it all by myself!!)

YES I look tired in all of these pics...and i was wearing makeup....Genes/2 year old that screams/ 6 months prego is not a good combo on me! I have LUGGAGE under my eyes-ain't taking those babies carry on!

Do you wear headbands? I am totally going to be rocking them lots now. I'm even participating in the headband exchange. Her blog is also awesome...lookie.                                                                  


  1. Adorable post. I like headbands and wear them much more now since they have so soft flexible ones. Those old style hard ones always gave me a headache.

    You've mentioned your new heidi klum shirt, and I have a question for you. What do you think of the quality? I have gotten several preg/nursing tops from motherhood, and I will continue as they have such a monopoly on the maternity clothes. Yet, I have had many shirts just fall apart very quickly.

  2. LR-I am not usually a big fan of maternity clothes in general. Especially Motherhood-they tend to either had such plain things, or very garish things I would NEVER wear. But this Heidi Klum top is awesome! It looks amazing and it's SUPER feels like GOOD knit fabric and the cut it great! I'm sad that they seem to be phasing out her line or it was only a short time since it's all on clerance and none of the fall things I saw were her line "Loved". I've heard she is designing some lines for other stores though!

  3. You totally pulled those off! I didn't join in the challenge because I didn't see it on time, but I wouldn't have been able to pull them off lol. I am gonna try making some different headbands and maybe ONE DAY I can sport them, but for now, na-ah. Haha =)

  4. I love all those headbands.
    I am actually having a super cute hair accessory giveaway now at my blog. make sure to enter for your chance to win.