Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Meal Plan

Well we got out of June with money from our food budget leftover (woot!) and plenty of FOOD left as well. We did need to stock up on some staple items this weekend, but I should have enough meat to last me till the middle of the month!
Since Meal planning helped out a lot in keeping to a budget, and reducing stress on MOI I took a few minutes to throw together a plan for this month. You'll notice there aren't 30 meals on there. This is for several reasons 1) when we love something we LOVE it-we want to have it over and over! 2) We have a week of vacation this month with family! 3) we tend to have a few nights here or there where hubby goes out to play a sport or we end up hanging out with family at dinner time.
Rather than OVER plan meals I will have this list to pick from, all are easy but good, and can either be tossed in the crock pot in the early afternoon or made in a jiff while Hubby and W play!

Here's what we're having in July: (ps don't you LOVE that chalkboard menu-I NEED To make one)

Turkey Hotdogs(FREE at ACME this week with coupon), Pasta Salad

Spaghetti & Turkey Meat Sauce

Lazy Chicken Parmesan sandwiches (recipe to come!), salad

Pizza on the Grill

Breakfast for Dinner (Pancakes & Turkey Bacon)<---we use the pancake recipe from the Food Network Magazine!

Quiche<--- This is so basic and easy, you can really add anything that's in your fridge (except maybe chocolate!?)

Crock Pot Burritos(recipe to come!)

Zucchini pasta with creamy tomato sauce & mushrooms

Pizza Chili (I will be using with white beans since I don't have kidney)

Quesadillas (recipe to come!)

Penne Vodka (Have a GREAT recipe from my Mother-in-Law I will share!)

That's it!! We tend to have lots of leftovers and if we don't eat them fast enough for lunch we will have a smorgasbord to finish them off! 
IF things turn out really well and don't LOOK hideous, I will be taking pictures and posting/linking to recipes!

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