Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seriously Dude.

I've been a little MIA...I'm totally obsessed with purging and organ-a-zizing our house that I haven't been feeling bloggy...don't worry though...I do have some wonderful things to share. Like all about my OCD spree and the book that inspired it.

But this post is not that post...this is about something that has been irking me lately. Yes, it's time. For a blogger-complainy post. But I promise, there's some self-deprecating in there too.

What's bothering me right SERIOUSNESS.
now before you think I just want to have a fun and flirty life without anything REAL let me stop ya...that's not whatimena.
I'm talkin' bout people who TAKE themselves TOO seriously. People who THINK they have to have it all together, who think they have to LOOK like or ACT like that have it all together and figure out their life
Maybe it's because I know alot of young'ns (i can say that now that i'm all old and TWENTYFIVE) who are getting kinda panicky about the direction their life is going. Maybe it's that even I have recently had to come to grips with the fact that I take myself, my job as a wife and mom, too seriously..and at the same time not seriously enough.
Do I make any sense? I think if I re-read what I just wrote I might get a brain tick.
What I'm saying is that thinking you need to FIGURE THINGS OUT RIGHT THIS MOMENT, or that you have to BE a certain person because of where you are in life, and AS SUCH acting like somewhat of a self-centered doofus...well that's just TOO serious. And it's annoying people.

Kiddos fresh out of high school or college, whining about how they don't know what to do with themselves, or waxing poetic about the trajectory of their lives annoy me..because I'm over that. When you have a toddler pulling at your pants for a cup of juice, your oh-so-lofty career just doesn't seem all that seriously important anymore.

Or here's something that IS really serious-battling with REAL life loosing a loved one, or having the responsiblity of caring for another human being on you, or a million other things.

And then I think that I must be annoying someone with MY OWN too seriousness. Too serious about being miss all-natural mom...or the doing-it-all mom. I think back on some of the things I was SO serious about 6 months ago, and i feel well...stupid. Because i took my "I'll never" stand, and here I am doing that thing that I would NEVA do.
That's what happens when you take yourself too seriously. You end up looking like a booger. (SEE how UN-serious that was!)
Every stage of life lends itself to this...its what we people DO. We act like what we're doing is SO much more EARTH shattering than what someone else is doing.
And in all of it we loose sight of what's REALLY serious.
The stuff that LASTS.
What we do for Him. For His Glory. Our daily OBEDIENCE.
because God won't care when we stand before him if we "figured it out"at 18 and had an oh-so-cool career, and got married at 30, and waited 4 years to have kids, and had a two car garage. Maybe God wouldn't say it, but i can hear the angels snickering going "silly humans...trix are for kids!".

Let's promise to take ourselves a little less seriously shall we?

Now pardon me while I go catch a naked toddler unrolling balls of yarn.

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  1. So true, Laura! I feel I have been detoxing from reading blogs recently too. I'm also a little too bored of little Miss Perfect.

    I love how you make fun of blogs :) A few posts ago it was hilarious how you were sharing those pretty pictures in fun of those blogs where all they ever do is share pictures they found online.